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    Need of the hour

      The training programs help to bridge the skill gap between the needs of the industry and academic production. They help to develop a student’s personality which further helps in boosting confidence in an individual.

      Globalization has increased the demand of training programs, communication has become a crucial part of everyday life. English is an accepted global language (EGL) and is widely used in communication between people and countries.

      Employability factor-

        At axis, the focus is on LIFE-TIME SELF- DEVELOPMENT- with the aim that students, who go out of the class rooms should be fully conversant.

        The ability to communicate any academic qualification rests solely on communication and presentation skills.

        Today the corporate sector and industries need developed and trained manpower.

        Training programs facilitate a student to discharge the expected multiple roles- as effective communicators, proposal makers, motivators and team builders, all of which are achieved through self evaluation, counseling, community interacting and consulting.

        Training module-Training programs at Axis Colleges are activity based or interactive workshops whereby shy and hesitant students come out their shells easily. Soft skill training further creates awareness. These programs are spread evenly thought out the academic year. Equal participation of all students is a must and the students are assessed on the basis of their progress, however they are not academically graded. This helps to monitor individual progress.

Broadly, they can be enumerated as.

    Pdp sessions and soft skill sessions with the aid of audio visual facilities

    Pronunciation and speech drills to enhance the accent of students.

    Interpersonal skills to build leadership and team building qualities which are life skills for everyday use, both, in personal and professional lives.

    You attitude- helps understand the other person, his/her views and mental attitude. It helps students to skillfully deal with various situations in life.

    Presentation/ Oral Presentation- to enable students to effectively convey themselves, to the point and with clarity. It also involves basic etiquettes and manners.

    Group discussion- there is hardly any selection process which is not preceded by Group Discussion. GD’s form the first criteria for screening of the candidates for face- to-face interviews.

    Personal interviews- Mock Interviews are conducted from time to time and necessary changes as per the norms of companies and sectors are made. This helps students beyond limits.

For all the above mentioned college authorities and the management make continuous efforts by appointing experienced faculty trainers, inviting experts and  guests.

Thus with a bit of training and practice a student acquires problem solving techniques, learns to work with others, think rationally and communicate effectively with others.


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