Artificial Intelligence and Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans. This is used in fashion industry in many other ways. They collect data on customers to find what better suits them. They help customers choose clothes based on the fabric, colours, and preference of style. When humans are in this role, many of their personal preferences go into how they help others. AI has no “favourite colour,” for instance. Many of the fashion brands are following the artificial intelligence like Zara, H&M, Dior, Macy’s, and Nike, who all use AI in their business models. Artificial intelligence is useful as marketing campaigns and fashion shows are going virtual.

Artificial Intelligence and Fashion Industry

AI is providing virtual fitting rooms. AI is providing second hand market to fashion industry. AI is taking rental fashion meets and providing fashion forecasting . Using AI in the fashion industry can be a big opportunity for many businesses. AI gives us an opportunity to see what is trending and what colours and trends are most popular. We can then use that information to create new designs or improve a product. AI in retail involves the use of automation, data, and technologies such as machine learning (ML) algorithms to deliver highly personalized shopping experiences to consumers. AI can be applied to consumer experiences in both physical and digital stores.
Hence now we can say that virtual fashion is taking over our fashion industry.

This post was contributed by Ms. Bhargavi, student of B.Fad. 3rd Year


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