B.Arch, B.Fad and BFA Orientation – First Stride 2023

Ignite Your Creative Journey at Axis Colleges!
We are thrilled to welcome our new cohort of aspiring designers and architects.

The journey to success begins with Orientation Day, a day filled with excitement and anticipation for our talented students in B.Arch, B.Fad and BFA .

A plethora of engaging classes and workshops await, offering insights into the latest fashion trends, artistic expressions, architectural marvels, and more.

Get ready to dive into the world of fashion, artistry, and architectural innovation.

To honor their commitment to learning, we recognized high-achievers in attendance and academic excellence who have displayed unwavering dedication to their educational journey.

We are excitedly anticipating the masterpieces they will create!

Always remember, the world is your canvas, and you hold the brush to paint your extraordinary journey.

Let’s craft brilliance together!


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