Dasvidaniya 2k24- AIHE

Axis Colleges celebrated a heartfelt farewell, “Dasvidaniya ’24,” for its B.Sc. students at Kake-Di-Hatti, Banquet Hall, Shyam Nagar, Kanpur.

Farewells mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

We bid adieu to students who filled our classrooms with curiosity and enthusiasm.

The event was a lively mix of a divine dance by Ms. Hridyanshi Mishra, an electrifying mash-up dance by the B.Sc. boys (Amit, Rohit, Hemant, Vaibhav), and soul-stirring songs by Riya and Itihsa.

Solo performances by Lavanya, Anjali, Alfia, Mushkan, Harshita, and Sneha left us spellbound, while Anchal’s games and mimicry brought laughter.

The highlight was the ramp walk by final-year students, where Rashi Mishra and Anubhav Prajapati were crowned Miss Gorgeous and Mr. Handsome.

Poonam Sharma and Akhand Pratap Singh shone as Ms. and Mr. Farewell.

Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Malik’s motivational words and Dr. Esha Yadav’s encouragement added a special touch.

The celebration ended with group pictures, delicious food, and dancing, creating lifelong memories.

A huge thank you to all the students for making this event unforgettable!


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