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During Lockdown Self-Study Tips For Students

The entire world is in Lockdown in this critical stage due to the spread of CORONA virus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Almost all industries, institutions, organizations and events are shut down and most affected by this pandemic. Corona Virus has left us in a great situation and people are facing psychological effects of lockdown. School, college-going students and competitive exam aspirants can make proper plans for self-study. It is not just like a cup of tea because you all need assistance in some form.

There are so many reasons you might want to self-study. Maybe you want to prepare for competitive exams or you want to learn a topic or subject to get ahead for a class. Here are some useful tips that definitely will help you during self-study-

Find Reliable Resources-
For any topic you must find a reliable textbook or book resource because finding a very comprehensive text resource will help you set up a framework for your required course or topic. Regardless of what subject or book you choose, you must do your research to find the most comprehensive resource about the topic that you are learning. We recommend looking at reviews online for what is your best option would be especially if these reviews come from a teacher or professor or another expert in this topic or subject.

Make Important Notes-
There are a lot of resources you have and it is the most important thing is that take important notes from these sources (not just copy down every word). Stick to the main points and make a summary in your own words that will help you to understand that topic and in this simplest way you can easily learn the important definitions and core meaning of that topic.

Schedule your study time in your way so that you can cover all the topics and subjects in a managed way. If you have not figured out how your schedule will work just plan for one week at a time. Divide your available time to all topics or subjects so that you can concentrate on all topics or subjects. Set up your own deadline for each topic and subject. A proper schedule study plan helps you to memorize without constantly checking. By creating a proper schedule, you’ll build a positive study habit.

Virtual classroom-
It is an online learning environment that provides live interaction between the tutor and the students. Nowadays many institutions have started the facilities of the virtual classroom so that learners can study inside the room and can participate in learning activities without going outside. A virtual classroom offers an online space where students and tutors work together simultaneously.

Students who are pursuing the courses from diploma, under-graduation or post-graduation can join the virtual classrooms conducted by experienced professors of Axis College – Leading and prestigious college in Kanpur (UP) offers major course i.e. B.Tech, MBA, BBA, B.Arch and so on.

This one is last but not least. During your study session, get relax for a few times that will help to boost your energy so that you can revive your mind. Sit or lie down, take deep breathing exercise, you can perform some meditation or light yoga that will make your mind and body stress-free. You can listen to some soothing music, and do whatever activity that helps you to relax. It is important to be stress-free before and during study session because excess stress will cause you to lose focus.

In this quarantine period, we hope these tips will help you during self-study. Axis College, wishes best of luck to all the students and aspirants for the future.


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