Educational Visit to AI-Spark2023

Educational Visit to AI-Spark 2023- AIP

We are delighted to share the extraordinary journey of our scholars at Axis Colleges as they fearlessly delved into the realms of Artificial Intelligence, innovation, and boundless opportunities.

From October 9th to 11th, 2023, our scholars participated in the international conference and workshop, “Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Pharmaceutical Research and Knowledge” (AI-Spark2023) held at NIPER, SAS Nagar, under the auspices of NIPER.S.Eh.S.

This conference, initiated by the Ministry of Chemistry and Fertilizers (Department of Pharmaceutical) of the Government of India, has been designed to champion AI innovation in pharmaceutical science.

It featured 23 distinguished speakers, uniting leading researchers, experts, and industry professionals in the domain of AI’s applications in medicine research and development.

Day by day, our scholars’ journey unfolded:

Day 1: A Day of Exploration!

Our scholars explored the campus and absorbed the wisdom shared by 23 eminent personalities.

Day 2: Where Machine Learning Met Hands-on Python Wizardry!

International experts shared their knowledge, and our scholars translated theory into practice through coding and poster presentations.

Day 3: A Spectacular Finish!

Our students delved deep into the realms of intellect, witnessed captivating demonstrations, and participated in training sessions.

The valedictory ceremony served as the perfect conclusion to our scholars’ inspiring journey.

Our scholars actively engaged in poster presentations, interactive workshops, and enriching discussions.

This unique platform facilitated the exchange of knowledge, networking, and hands-on training in AI/ML using Python, providing our computational enthusiasts with valuable skills.


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