Enemy of Syntax 3.0

Enemy of Syntax 3.0 – AITM

Institutions Innovation Council of Axis Colleges hosted an online coding competition, “Enemy of Syntax 3.0,” presented by the Binary Brain Club of Sanganak Shila Society for its engineering students.

Participants were invited to showcase their coding prowess.

We witnessed an incredible turnout, with numerous students eagerly participating in the contest.

After intense rounds of coding challenges, we are thrilled to announce the top three winners of this highly competitive event.

Md. Afsar (CS), Mr. Amit Kumar Yadav (CS), and Md. Faiz Naved (CS-AIML) claimed the first, second, and third positions respectively, showcasing their exceptional coding skills.

Congratulations to these talented winners from the Axis family, whose dedication and hard work have truly paid off!


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