Freshers Frinzz

Freshers Frinzz- Axis Colleges

Excitement filled the atmosphere as Axis Colleges unveiled the highly anticipated event of the year – Freshers’ Frinzz!

The event began with the inauguration by lighting the ceremonial lamp, and it was an evening filled with unforgettable moments.

The program featured mesmerizing cultural events, a stylish ramp walk, and a patriotic skit designed to captivate your senses.

The musical performances left the audience spellbound, and everyone danced to the beats of both Indian and international tunes.

The fashion show was an extravaganza, showcasing the creativity of Axis students.

The student band presented the electrifying Shiva Tandava, and a hilarious comedy play kept the laughter echoing throughout the night.

Congratulations to the winners:

Mr. & Ms. Axian – Vaibhav Singh and Lavizah Adil
Mr. & Ms. Stylish – Abhiroop Parmar and Shreya Dwivedi
Mr. & Ms. Iconic – Saurabh Singh and Anubhavi Singh
Mr. & Ms. Charismatic – Shaurya Jaiswal and Anshika Vishwakarma
Mr. & Ms. Intellectual – Adnan Ahmad and Aishwarya Dixit
Mr. & Ms. Dynamic – Aman Sarin and Zoha Khan

Let’s welcome the new faces into the world of creativity.

Experience the enchantment of Freshers’ Frinzz!


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