Gandhigiri 2023

Gandhigiri 2023- AITM

Axis Colleges organized an exciting event, GandhiGiri’23, focusing on the Future of Technology, with particular emphasis on Robotics, IoT, and Drone technology for its engineering students.

More than 50 teams actively participated, transforming the Project Contest into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation.

The top three prizes were as follows:

The first prize went to the “Talking Robot” project, led by Mr. Ramji Tiwari, a B.Tech. CSE pre-final year student, and his team, in recognition of their extraordinary creation.

The second prize was awarded to the “Transformer Online/Offline Health Monitoring System,” a remarkable display of innovation created by Mr. Raj Soni, a B.Tech. EE pre-final year student.

The third prize was claimed by Ms. Ruba Siddiqui, a B.Tech. CSE pre-final year student, and her team for their “Anti Sleeping Alarm to detect drowsiness” project.

Exceptional teams that showcased their talents and creativity during the event received Consolation Prizes.

This event not only highlighted the incredible potential and brilliance of our engineering students but also served as a testament to their innovative spirit.

Axis Colleges congratulates all the students who embarked on this remarkable journey of innovation, celebrating their dedication and creative prowess.


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