Indian Railway Sarsaul, Kanpur

The Department of Civil Engineering would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our Honorable Chairman Mr. Raj Kushwaha sir, for giving us an opportunity to conduct an educational visit to Indian Railway Sarsaul, Kanpur. We would also like to thank Dr. Ashish Malik, (Director A.I.T.M), Axis Colleges, for his continuous motivation.Further we would like to thank Mr. Vinay Singh (Director CRC) for his valuable guidance .
The visit was conducted under the able guidance of Mr. Azeezurrahman Ansari & Mr. Anand Bhatt (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, A.I.T.M.). This visit has made our students know about various practical implementations of railway guidelines. The topics like, Formation, Ballast, Types of Rail Gauge, Sleepers, Turnouts, Signal System, Train Controlling System and various geometric parameters were discussed and shown during the visit. Also the various tools in laying railway tracks were also observed, measured and noted by the students. Some of them were Screw Spikes, Pandrol Clips, Round Spike, Bolts, Keys, Fish Plate etc.
Also the structure of Railway Over Bridge including reinforcement of piers, foundation concreting was shown.
This visit enhanced the knowledge about Railway Engineering which would help students in future.


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