Integrating Stock Market Simulation with Management

Integrating Stock Market- AIHE

Axis Colleges organized a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Integrating Stock Market Simulation with Management Curriculum.

This Integrating Stock Market is for Experiential Project-Based Learning as per New Education Policy 2020” by Dr. Karminder Ghuman, Chief Coordinator, Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park, Thapar University.

This Faculty Development Program (FDP) centered on aligning with the 2020 New Education Policy’s educational vision.

Faculty members gained a deep understanding of the pivotal role of experiential, project-based learning, equipping them to integrate stock market simulations into management education.

They learned to identify profitable stocks, manage portfolios, and analyze market trends.

They also grasped the current market landscape and honed skills for real trading.

This expertise will enable them to empower students to recognize the impact of macroeconomic and political factors on market trends and develop winning investment strategies.

They are the leads in enhancing impactful, hands-on learning for students.


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