Integration of Wind Energy Resources In Electric Grid

Integration of Wind Energy Resources In Electric Grid- AITM

Axis Colleges organized a webinar on the “Integration of Wind Energy Resources In Electric Grid” to mark the celebration of National Energy Conservation Day, with the theme “Sustaining Our Planet Together.”

Our students explored the complexities of integrating wind turbines and wind farms into the power grid, gaining insights into overcoming challenges posed by the variable and uncertain nature of wind power.

This underscored the critical need for efficient power transmission and distribution, as well as the demand for advanced control and monitoring systems.

Students actively discussed recent innovations in wind turbine and wind farm technology, encompassing variable-speed generators and power electronics like inverters.

These advancements facilitate precise control of power output, ensuring optimal alignment with the grid’s frequency.

This webinar delved into advanced control algorithms, such as model predictive control and feedback linearization, crafted to improve the stability and reliability of wind power systems.


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