Introduction to Drug Delivery Systems

Introduction to Drug Delivery Systems- AIHE

Axis Colleges orchestrated a compelling session on “Introduction to Drug Delivery Systems” tailored for its B.Sc. students in Biotechnology, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacy.

Our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Uma Shankar, a seasoned scientist with Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Life Sciences from Kanpur University, and a notable tenure at CSIR IITR.

He captivated the audience with his knowledge and expertise.

Students immersed themselves in the realm of drug delivery systems, exploring diverse administration methods, drug delivery devices, targeted delivery systems, nano-biotechnology applications, and the development of nano-particles in DDS.

Dr. Uma Shankar seamlessly intertwined the session with a motivating journey through his career, leaving an indelible impact on our B.Sc. and Pharmacy students.


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