Life Beyond Studies – AITM

Axis Colleges, in collaboration with Raywings Learning Campus, recently hosted a phenomenal session on “Life Beyond Studies,” featuring the illustrious Mr. Amit Pandey, CEO of Orient Cables and a 5-times TEDx speaker, famously known as the HumanCharger!

Students delved into a kaleidoscope of wisdom as Mr. Pandey shared a blend of professional prowess and personal growth, urging them to embrace a holistic approach to life.

With his charismatic presence, the visionary leader illuminated the path beyond textbooks, offering anecdotes and strategies to unlock one’s full potential.

The students also discovered insights beyond the classroom on navigating the dynamic journey post-academia which left an indelible mark on them.

Mr. Pandey’s motivational words inspire us to shape destinies beyond the classroom walls.

With these kinds of sessions, we propel our students towards a future filled with purpose and resilience!


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