Max Institute of Medical Education – AIP

Institutions’ Innovation Council of Axis Colleges has organized a 45-day training program for its B.Sc. Medical Microbiology students at the Max Institute of Medical Education (Max Super Speciality Hospital), Gurugram.

An MoU has been signed with Max Super Speciality Hospital for this initiative.

This training provides laboratory-based education, creating a dynamic platform that blends hospital expertise with academic insights.

The main objectives of the training are to recall microbial physiology including metabolism, regulation, and replication, and to explain general and specific mechanisms by which an infectious agent causes disease.

Additionally, it aims to recognize and diagnose common infectious diseases from clinical presentations and associated microbiology.

This hands-on training offers many advantages for students, such as enhancing application-based knowledge and consistency of learning outcomes.

It is extremely important for students of medical microbiology as it prepares them to deal with infections and expand on the knowledge obtained in labs and courses.


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