PharmaCure Spotlight

PharmaCure Spotlight- AIP

Institution’s Innovation Council of Axis Colleges organized an event featuring PharmaCure Spotlight: Dramatic Healing Role Play Competition, an enthralling showcase of talent and training for our pharmacy students.

Every moment on stage bore witness to the commitment and talent of our performers, transporting us to other worlds.

Congratulations to the exceptional winners:

1st – Team Painkillers (Umme Hani Shaikh, Ayush Pandey, Mahi Gupta, Tarandeep Singh, Samiullah Khan, Swapnil Soni)

2nd – Team Healthcare (Ishita Gupta, Himanshi Verma, Ananya Gangwar , Aslam Hussain and Abhishek Kumar)

3rd – Team Super Five (Aniket Sachan, Anmol sachan, Anshika Singh, Nitin Kumar and Ankita Gautam)

Kudos to all the participants who brought their roles to life.

A heartfelt shoutout to all performers for their sincerity and enthusiasm!

Your brilliance and hard work have profoundly impacted everyone who had the privilege of witnessing your performances.

The knowledge gained and experiences made will serve as inspiration for our future artistic endeavors.


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