Power of Leadership

Power of Leadership – AITM

Axis Colleges, in collaboration with Raywings Learning Campus and Sand Tank Startup Foundation, organized a workshop on the ‘Power of Leadership’ for our esteemed faculty members.

Facilitated by the esteemed presence of Mr. Amit Pandey, CEO of Orient Cables, the workshop promised to be an enriching dive into effective leadership in academia and beyond.

Mr. Pandey, a seasoned leader in the corporate realm, shared invaluable insights gleaned from his vast experience, enriching our faculty with actionable strategies and profound wisdom.

Through engaging discussions and interactive sessions, participants explored fundamental leadership principles, learning to inspire, motivate, and empower those around them.

The workshop aimed to serve as a beacon of inspiration, igniting a collective passion for excellence and innovation within our faculty community.

With a focus on cultivating visionary leadership skills, attendees gained a holistic understanding of organizational dynamics and effective communication strategies essential for driving positive change.


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