Skyrocket your career-AIPM

Institutions’ Innovation Council of Axis Colleges, alongside Axis Bank and NIIT Ltd., orchestrated the “Young Bankers Program- NIIT: Skyrocket your career as an Assistant Manager with Axis Bank” event for its management students.

Facilitated by Mr. Rohit Mohan, Senior Manager, U.P. NIIT Ltd., Mr. Jagjit Bedi, North India Head, and Mr. Hari Dubey, Service Provider Kanpur, NIIT Ltd., promised to reshape students’ careers.

Students embarked on a transformative journey with NIIT and Axis Bank, gaining vital insights and skills essential for their professional growth.

The training provided them with industry-specific knowledge crucial for banking careers.

They received guidance on career pathways, roles, and opportunities in retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, and financial advisory services.

Furthermore, they learned essential skills, qualifications, and strategies for career advancement. O

verall, the NIIT session empowered the students with communication skills and industry knowledge, preparing them for fulfilling banking careers.

Through collaboration with Axis Bank, they gained practical insights into working in a leading financial institution, paving their way to success.


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