Slide Show

Institutions Innovation Council of Axis Colleges organized a captivating “Slide Show” Project Presentation for management students.

The “Slide Show” event showcased an extraordinary display of analytical prowess as participants delved into realms of management with remarkable research. Their presentations were nothing short of awe-inspiring, leaving us enlightened and enthralled. Each presentation was meticulously crafted, blending information, engagement, and structure flawlessly. The judges faced an arduous task in selecting the winners, underscoring the exceptional calibre of all the participants.

Axis Family extends best wishes to the winners!
🥇 First Place: Abhishek Singh Bhadoria
🥈 Second Place: Ayenish Sarfaraz
🥉 Third Place: Anshika Pandey and Himanshu Singh Parmar

We extend our warm wishes to every participant for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts. Through your dedication, you have undoubtedly elevated this competition to resounding success!


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