Smart Plant Monitoring Team

Axis Colleges proudly congratulates Samarjeet Singh and his talented team members, Ganesh Shankar Sharma, Akansha Singh, and Shivam Pal, all B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering students, for their outstanding achievement in the field of Smart Plant Monitoring. Their innovative approach has been acknowledged and selected for Intellectual Property Rights Protection, encompassing copyrights and patents.
Their Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Plant Monitoring System is a groundbreaking solution that leverages the power of cameras and sensors to revolutionize plant management. By strategically placing smart cameras in agricultural fields, they capture vital visual data, while sensors monitor crucial environmental parameters such as temperature and soil moisture. The collected data plays a pivotal role in detecting plant diseases, monitoring growth patterns, and optimizing resource allocation. This advanced system enhances crop understanding, enables timely interventions, and ultimately boosts agricultural productivity.
Their dedication, innovative thinking, and relentless pursuit of excellence have truly set them apart. Well done!


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