Visit to Fragrance and Flavour Development Center

Visit to Fragrance and Flavour Development Center- AIP

Axis Colleges organized an Industrial Visit for Pharmacy students to Fragrance and Flavour Development Center (FFDC) in Kannauj.

It is a significant player in the essential oil, fragrance, and flavor industry.

FFDC’s history and achievements were presented in insightful presentations by Mr. Shakti Vinay Shukla, the Principal Director, which set the stage for a deeper understanding during the visit.

Our students experienced the hum of machinery and the aroma of industry.

Watching processes like sample crop development and the creation of final products using distillation, filtration, and extraction methods was both captivating and educational, highlighting precision and efficiency.

The visit went beyond machines, emphasizing the crucial role each employee plays.

Teamwork, collaboration, safety protocols, and quality control measures were highlighted, showcasing the company’s commitment to high standards.

This industrial visit to Fragrance and Flavour Development Center was an eye-opening experience for our students, connecting their theoretical knowledge to real-world applications.

It emphasized the dynamic nature of industries, adapting to a changing world. Heartfelt thanks to FFDC, Kannauj, for providing this invaluable learning opportunity.


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