Visit to Indian Institute of Pulse Research

Visit to Indian Institute of Pulse Research- AIP

Axis Colleges organized an enriching educational visit to the Indian Institute of Pulse Research (IIPR) in Kanpur for its Pharmacy students.

Students to delve into the intricacies of Pulse research, expanding their understanding and fostering a profound appreciation for agricultural sciences.

During the visit, our students engaged in enlightening conversations with experts, Mr. Yogesh Tiwari (HRD) and Dr. C.P. Nath (Senior Scientist), within IIPR’s facilities.

Their invaluable advice resonated throughout, sparking enthusiasm for pulse research and elevating academic knowledge.

The knowledge-rich journey unfolded layers of understanding through hands-on experiences with cutting-edge apparatus such as PCR, Lyophlizer, atomic absorption spectrometer, UV, LAF, and centrifuge, showcasing the precision of scientific research.

Crucial methods like Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) and Marker Assisted Back Cross (MABC) were also expertly demonstrated.

Students witnessed intricate procedures for producing and evaluating insects and beetles in pulse storage facilities, gaining a comprehensive understanding of pulse research complexities within lab areas.

This integrated approach successfully bridged the gap between academic and practical realms, enriching our scholars’ educational experience.


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