Visit to Panki Thermal Power Station-AITM

Axis Colleges organized an industrial visit to Panki Thermal Power Station (PTPS) in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh for its engineering students.

This trip aimed to provide firsthand experience of the operational dynamics of a thermal power plant, enhancing their understanding of theoretical concepts learned in classroom.

The tour began with a visit to the control room, where the students were introduced to the plant’s monitoring and control systems.

They observed how operators use advanced technology to manage plant operations, maintain output efficiency, and handle emergency situations.

They also learned about the coal combustion process and how it generates high-pressure steam. This visit provided insights into the conversion of thermal energy to mechanical energy.

They witnessed the massive turbines that convert the high-pressure steam into mechanical energy to drive generators, which in turn produce electricity.

They also learned about the process of recycling water within the system, emphasizing the importance of efficient resource management in thermal power plants.

The visit culminated in an interactive session held in the conference room. This session allowed students to engage with senior engineers, ask questions, and discuss various technical aspects of power generation.


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