Visit to the 765 KV substation

Visit to the 765 KV substation- AITM

Axis Colleges organized a captivating Industrial Visit to the 765 KV substation in Dahi Chowki, Unnao, for engineering students.

This immersive experience provided valuable insights into the practical applications of cutting-edge equipment and the SCADA software system, integral for automatic control, monitoring, and data communication within the substation.

Students explored the intricate connections of transmission lines and various instruments, including power transformers, Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR), Voltage reactors, Current Transformers (CT), Potential Transformers (PT), isolators, Bus bars, Lightening Arresters (LA), Instrument Transformers (ICT), wave traps, and more.

The visit highlighted the crucial role of sensing, measuring, and control devices in the continual analysis of line equipment.

The Control Panels in each bay took center stage, equipped with relays and control instructions, showcasing the fusion of technology and real-world application.

Kudos to our inquisitive students for embracing this hands-on learning experience!


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