Women Shakti Showcase

Women Shakti Showcase – AIHE

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Institution’s Innovation Council of Axis Colleges, in collaboration with Mission Shakti, organized the ‘Women Shakti Showcase’ – The Street Play for its management students.

In the heart of our bustling cities, the relentless spirit of our students shined through as they strived for economic empowerment, battling against barriers of inequality and discrimination.

This street play competition served as a call to action for change.

It illuminated the path towards a future where every woman will have the opportunity to thrive.

Through their performances, students highlighted the urgent need to invest in women – not just financially, but also through policies, support networks, and cultural shifts that uplift and empower.

Congratulations to the Winners: Stuti Srivastava, Nistha Singh, Archita Singh, Zareen Almas, Saiysha Siddiqui, and Sneha Shukla.

Their outstanding acts inspire us to accelerate progress towards economic equality, unlocking the full potential of women and propelling entire communities and economies forward.


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