Workshop on Creativity and Innovation

On the occasion of World Creativity and Innovation Day, Institution’s Innovation Council of Axis Colleges organized the workshop session on ‘Creativity and Innovation’ on 21st April.
The session’s guest speakers were Mr. Sanjay Sharma and Mr. Nitesh Kumar from Threat Guardian Pvt. Ltd. The purpose of this session was to promote creativity and innovation in all disciplines and to raise awareness of their significance for achieving both sustainable development and economic success. Innovating talents and creativity are undoubtedly necessary for every industry, including cyber security.
They provided information on cyber security and discussed the value of creativity and innovation in creating workable solutions to the problems associated with it. Since cyber dangers are ever-evolving, companies must adopt cutting-edge strategies to safeguard themselves. Along with emphasizing the value of a comprehensive strategy to cyber security, they also placed a strong emphasis on providing tailored solutions and employee training.


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