Workshop on Pathway to Professional Excellence

Workshop on Pathway to Professional Excellence

Axis Colleges organized a 5-day workshop titled “Pathway to Professional Excellence” for its students, facilitated by Ms. Ankita Sonker, Assistant Professor at Axis Colleges.

This workshop series, dedicated to employability training and personality development, held significant promise for our students, offering them a holistic approach to career readiness.

Through targeted sessions on personality development, students had the opportunity to refine their interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and leadership qualities.

They engaged in activities aimed at enhancing self-confidence, assertiveness, and adaptability traits which are highly valued in the workplace.

Moreover, the workshop series focused on cultivating professional etiquette, grooming, and body language to make a lasting impression in interviews and professional settings.

Students also received guidance on crafting compelling resumes and mastering interview techniques, empowering them to effectively showcase their skills and experiences to potential employers.

By fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence, the workshop equipped participants with the tools to navigate challenges, collaborate effectively in team environments, and thrive in diverse workplace cultures.

As a result, students attending this workshop series expect to emerge as well-rounded professionals poised for success in their careers and professionalism necessary to excel in the competitive IT industry.


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