World Pharmacist Day

Best wishes on World Pharmacist Day (Sep 25th 2022)
Following the theme: “Pharmacy United in action for healthier world”
World Pharmacist day reminds us we are in safe hands if we have a good doctor and a dependable Pharmacist.
On occasion of this day, Axis colleges, Axis institute of Pharmacy showing gratitude towards all pharmacy professionals by celebrating the day by:
1. Conducting Expert lecture on Application of NMR Spectroscopy in Drug Design by Dr. Sanjeev Shukla (Principal Scientist CSIR-Central drug research institute)in which he has acknowledged students about the roles of latest technology in Pharmacy.
2. Organized Workshop on Physiotherapy for “Text Neck Syndrome” by Dr. Umesh C Mishra (PT) BPT,MPT,CMT,DOMT (United Kingdom),CSMT,FC-SEDE (RCI),FDM MODULE 1 (GERMANY)
Neuro-spine Manipulative therapist who has discussed the major cervical problems associated with usage of mobiles and laptops for this generation and also provided consultation to the problems related to neck syndrome.
3) Felicitation of Reconstituted Pharmakon society
And the event was concluded by showing deepest gratitude to the pharmacist by “Tree Plantation” which gives peace to the souls.
Salute to all the Pharmacy professionals who are influencing Wellness and health across the globe.


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