Advanced Vehicle Vision and Energy Saving Module Team

Axis Colleges congratulates Harsh Yadav along with his talented team members Prabhakar Singh, Prince Tripathi and Ankita Sharma all brilliant EE students for their innovation, Advanced Vehicle Vision and Energy Saving Module has been selected for Intellectual Property Rights Protection, including copyrights and patents.
The Advanced Vehicle Vision and Energy Saving Module is a groundbreaking project aimed at revolutionizing vehicle safety and energy efficiency. The project has a “Parking Mode Shifter” which addresses the issue faced by drivers with impaired visibility caused by fog on the windscreen and temporary blindness
and an “Automatic Headlight On/Off” feature which activates the headlight automatically when necessary, contributing to energy conversation. The theme of ‘Electric Energy Conversation’ enhances driver safety but also promotes sustainable practices.
We applaud their steadfast commitment, exceptional teamwork, and tireless pursuit of excellence. Their outstanding accomplishments serve as a testament to their dedication and unwavering passion for innovation.


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