Design and Fabrication Team

Axis Colleges proudly congratulates Saurabh Maurya and his talented team members, Animesh Gupta, Animesh Dubey, and Amit Singh, all B.Tech ME students for their remarkable achievement in designing and fabricating a groundbreaking 6×6 modular truck with an independent suspension system and zero-degree turning radius. Their innovation has been recognized and selected for Intellectual Property Rights Protection, including copyrights and patents.
This cutting-edge product focuses on a modular 6×6 cross-country vehicle equipped with independent suspensions on all powered wheels, allowing for exceptional maneuverability with its zero-degree turning radius. Extensive mathematical formulations and analyses were conducted to determine key design parameters such as wheel diameter, motor torque, suspension stiffness, and damping coefficient, enhancing its performance and efficiency.
The versatility of this modular truck makes it invaluable for various applications, including emergency luggage relocation, defense operations, and navigating challenging terrains.
We applaud them for their unwavering commitment, exceptional teamwork, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Their remarkable accomplishments are a true testament to their dedication and unwavering passion for innovation. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved recognition!


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