Can fast fashion ever be slowed down? 

Fashion has literally changed entirely since before the 1930s. Later than people wore clothes just to cover  themselves the only elite class people could afford some stylish clothes or makeup. Clothes were mostly  sold in departmental stores,  by the mid 1970s these retailers established their own brands or  stores. But during the late 90s fast fashion models really took off. 

Fast fashion is basically producing cheap clothes in mass and releasing new styles every week which look  expensive but do not last long. These are manufactured quickly in response to consumer demand for  cheap and trendy attire. Its purpose is to meet consumer demand for mass produced fashionable  clothing at lower prices. 

The improvement in technologies or innovations of new machines such as sewing machines etc.,  reduced the production cost and time, and increased the production level. 

Modern fast fashion also has a significant effect on the environment. Fibers like nylon, polyester are difficult  to recycle and take more than 200 years to biodegrade. Synthetic microfiber causes pollution in oceans in  a large amount . Recently the fashion industry has become more conscious of its environmental impact.  Brands and consumers have shown their interest in sustainable clothing or textile. 

Fast fashion is not sustainable nor is it good for the environment. We can definitely slow down fast  fashion by just being a little conscious when we buy clothes ——- for example, if we start buying clothes  from sustainable brands in high quality the other stores will stop the production of fast fashion clothing  which cause damage to the environment. We can also stop fast fashion if we start thinking about our  cloths before throwing, if it can still be used or repaired and reused, also we start sharing it with our  family and friends which Saves the environment, also we get more variety of clothes to try for different  occasions. 

Thereby we can conclude by saying that we really need to slow down fast fashion in order to protect our  environment from pollution. We should get up to address this issue or concern to the world and make it a  better place to live for ourselves and also for the coming generations. 

Writer- Aditi shukla 

B.fad 1st year

Mentor- Ms. Kavita Sharma & Ms.Vinita Juneja


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