• French textile artist Moulin takes a leap for globalization of Indian Silk
  • Aulerth is bringing sustainability to jewelry
  • Zara grips on to the metaverse

French textile artist Moulin takes a leap for globalization of Indian Silk

Celebrated French textile artist Isabelle Moulin said till now Indian silk was only catering as a fabric for the people and not much export was done. 

Moulin on a ‘Silk trip’ to India to explore the potential of weavers in places like Murshidabad for possible collaboration with major silk hubs across the globe, said Murshidabad can play a huge role as a changemaker.

The silk expert, who is visiting India to promote bilateral cooperation between India and France around design and textile with an emphasis on silk in India, discussed Murshidabad’s silk heritage and examine its potential to partner other major silk producing cities across the globe.

The partnership, called Silk City network, has 12 of the best silk-producing cities from all over the globe across eight countries as its member so far.

As of  now nine countries and 13 cities. If everything goes well then with time  she hopes Murshidabad Silk too can make it to the network.

The network helps artisans, and craftsmen to exchange knowledge, build trade relations and understand various craftsmanship techniques.

Aulerth Is Bringing Sustainability To Jewelry

Not just relegated to cut, carat, clarity and color, Aulerth’s design vocabulary transcends the four C’s to consciousness, care, craftsmanship and couture-inspired jewels. 
Vivek Ramabahadran (former Vice President and Managing Director for Swarovski–South Asia), is all set to launch "Aulerth" a one-stop shop for consciously crafted jewelry made with recycled metals to champion the ethos of mindful materialism. An exciting lineup of strategic partnerships with the stalwarts of the industry and a standout collection of jewelry in refreshing palettes that deftly combines old-world charm and contemporary narratives is to be expected.
“Aulerth is on a continuous pursuit to bridge the seemingly disparate worlds of being couture-inspired, and consciously made–with an underlying foundation of bringing more responsibility and mindfulness to the end-to-end process spanning design, production, merchandising and packaging,” 

Zara grips on to the metaverse

Zara continues its foray into the virtual universe with the launch of a “Meta Collection”, after having first stepped foot last December. The independent capsule collection will be made available on the Zepeto app, where Zara had previously presented its project in partnership with the South Korean creative collective  Ader Error.

This initiative follows the metaverse craze, in parallel with first Metaverse Fashion Week that took place in the virtual universe Decentraland, in which more than 70 globally renowned brands participated including Tommy Hilfiger, Etro, and Dolce & Gabanna. 

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