Industry Readiness Market Scenario

Industry Readiness Market Scenario

Axis Colleges organized a Guest Lecture on “Industry Readiness Market Scenario, Hiring Process, and Techniques to Excel in Interview Rounds” for its students.

The session was led by Mr. Saurabh Mishra, Manager – Talent Acquisition and Campus Hiring at Sopra Banking Software.

Mr. Mishra set the stage ablaze with an illuminating talk, sharing his invaluable expertise and equipping our students with insights into market trends.

Students gained a competitive edge by navigating the ever-evolving job landscape with informed eyes.

They delved into interview mastery, uncovering proven techniques to ace interview rounds and secure their dream jobs.

Additionally, they received insider tips, unlocking a goldmine of advice directly from a top Talent Acquisition expert.

This power-packed session featured insightful discussions, valuable lessons, and a vibrant Q&A, making it an invaluable experience for all attendees.


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