Pharmtech Expo 2.0

Pharmtech Expo 2.0 – AIP

Pharmakon Society of Axis Colleges, in collaboration with the Institution’s Innovation Council, orchestrated Pharmtech Expo 2.0 – an event dedicated to ‘Unveiling Pharmaceutical Innovation’ specifically tailored for its pharmacy students.

This expo served as a stage for the students to explore the intersection where knowledge transformed into tangible actions through imaginative prototypes and pharmaceutical models.

The event showcased a myriad of static and functional models, revealing the intricate details of pharmaceutical machinery.

Ranging from bag filters to centrifuge machines, our students demonstrated practical expertise in the pharmaceutical industry.

We witnessed the ingenuity of models such as vending machines, oil extraction mills, double blenders, and more.

Each exhibit imparted scientific concepts and revealed the inner workings of machinery that drive the pharmaceutical sector.

Our primary goal was to raise awareness about pharmaceutical machinery, offering students a platform to showcase their creativity.

Dignitaries and visitors alike were captivated by the diverse prototypes on display.

Highlighted models included a bag filter and separator, a vending machine, an oil extraction mill, a centrifuge machine, a double blender, a V-cone, a twin blade blender, a cutter mill, and more.

The expo symbolized a fusion of knowledge, innovation, and hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical realm.


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