Piecing Together the Future of Business

Piecing Together the Future of Business- AIPM

Axis Colleges, in collaboration with Raywings Learning Campus, organized the captivating event, “Piecing Together the Future of Business”, a Collage Making Competition.

It was designed to unleash the creativity of its management students in the business realm!

This dynamic competition served as a platform for students to acquire valuable management skills.

Students utilize this event creativity as an influential tool in envisioning the future of business.

The participants seamlessly synthesized ideas, showcasing effective communication.

It also highlighted their newfound awareness of the intricate dance of elements in the business landscape.

The outstanding collaborative prowess and innovation of the winning team—comprising Charu Awasthi, Khushi Gupta, Janhvi Mishra, Sandhya Rajput, and Palak Rajput.

Our students are now well-equipped to thrive in the ever-changing business world, armed with a deeper understanding of business dynamics.


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