National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day- AITM

Institution’s Innovation Council and the Student Chapter of IEI at Axis Colleges organized an event called Eco Innovators and Recycle Ranger.

In honor of National Pollution Control Day to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas tragedy on December 2nd, 1984.

This event focused on the theme of “Sustainable Development for a Clean and Healthy Planet,” specifically for its engineering students.

During Recycle Rangers, students showcased their creativity by transforming waste into wonderful creations!

The winning team, Best out of Waste (Shivani Kushwaha and Ashu Singh), and the runner-up team.

The Divine (Divesh Kumar and Ayush Kanoujia), truly embodied the spirit of recycling.

In Eco Innovators, students used their talents to create reels addressing causes of pollution and suggesting innovative solutions.

Team Vedash (Vedant Jha and Yash Kushwaha) emerged as the winners, while The Green Element (Satyendra Patel and Aman Bakshi) secured the runner-up position.

These events raise awareness about pollution issues and inspiring sustainable solutions.

A big shoutout to all participants for their dedication and commitment to a cleaner, healthier planet!


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