Samvad: Battle of Words

Samvad: Battle of Words – AITM

Sanganak Shila Society of Axis Colleges is excited to host ‘Samvad: Battle of Words’, an intellectually stimulating event tailored for its engineering students. The theme revolves around the profound “Impact of Digitalization on the Indian Economy”.

Students were invited to embark on a captivating literary excursion, participating in thought-provoking discussions and inspiring sessions. This event served as a dynamic platform for intellectual exploration, fostering connections between students and their socio-economic vision through meaningful conversations and networking with like-minded individuals.

Heartfelt congratulations to the winners: Mr. Swapnil Kumar speaking For the motion and Mr. Ashutosh Shukla speaking against the motion. Their insightful contributions added significant value to the discourse on the transformative impact of digitalization on the Indian economy.


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