ADD-RiZZ!—Enactment of an Advertisement

ADD-RiZZ!—Enactment of an Advertisement – AIPM

Axis Colleges organized an electrifying event ‘ADD-RiZZ!—Enactment of an Advertisement’ for its management students.

The students and faculties witnessed sparks of creativity, strategic brilliance, and marketing magic as our MBA freshers battled it out to shape the future of advertising in 2050.

The highlights of the event included Futuristic Concepts Unleashed, Strategic Marketing Showdown and Innovation Overload.

Kudos to all the teams who participated! Your passion and innovation truly lit up the arena.

Congratulations to the Winning Team!
– Abhishek Singh Bhadoriya (MBA-II year)
– Vivek Yadav (MBA-I year)
– Pal Bhavesh (MBA-I year)
– Akash Singh Sengar (MBA-I year)
– Vanya Verma (MBA-I year)
– Shyamji Tiwari (MBA-I year)

Your triumph is a testament to the power of creativity and business acumen.

May your victory be a stepping stone to many more achievements in the world of marketing.

A big round of applause to our MBA 2nd-year cohort for curating an event that sparked inspiration and innovation.

You’ve set the bar high, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Axis Colleges extends its gratitude to all for making ‘ADD-RiZZ’ a phenomenal success!

Let the innovation continue, and may the marketing journey be ever more extraordinary!


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