The Claim Declamation Competition

The Claim, Declamation Competition- AITM

Axis Colleges, in collaboration with Sanganak Shila Society, organized an event: “The Claim”, Declamation Competition for its engineering students.

Students brought the stage to life with electrifying performances, showcasing their oratory prowess and captivating the audience with eloquence and passion.

The event sparked meaningful conversations and inspired profound insights!

Congratulations to our winners, Mohd. Arif & Nishu Prajapati, whose speeches left the audience thrilled!

A round of applause to our exceptional Runners-up, Palak Srivastav & Shivangi Maurya, whose performances left a lasting impression.

With this competition, we created powerful speeches, moments of laughter, and applause, uniting our Axians in the celebration of free speech and expression by fostering an environment where ideas flourish and voices are heard!


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