Visit to J.K Cancer Hospital- AIP

On the occasion World Cancer Day, Pharmakon Society of Axis Colleges organized a visit to J.K Cancer Hospital in Kanpur.

This year World Cancer Day is celebrated with the theme “Close the Care Gap”.

This visit was organized for pharmacy students.

Aligned with the theme and recognizing the disparities in cancer care, our sophomores demonstrated their solidarity with those embarking on the formidable journey of battling cancer.

They presented fruit baskets to commendable individuals who are courageously fighting against cancer, aiming to provide comfort and nourishment.

In this scenario, Dr. S.N. Prasad, the Director of J.K. Cancer Hospital, enlightened students about the causes, symptoms, treatments, and preventive measures of cancer.

The focus was on the three most prevalent types of the disease: breast, mouth, and uterine.

Dr. Prasad expressed appreciation for the students’ support and motivation towards cancer patients.

Axis consistently encourages its scholars’ involvement in societal welfare initiatives.

It emphasizes the dissemination of information related to illness epidemics, empowering students to contribute meaningfully to society.


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