Architectural Odyssey

Architectural Odyssey – AIA

Axis Colleges organized an Educational Visit, the Architectural Odyssey: Manali, Chandigarh, Amritsar, for its architecture students.

Our students delved into the heart of architectural marvels in Manali, Chandigarh, and Amritsar.

In Manali, they discovered the charm of rustic architecture, exploring the seamless integration of vernacular design with breathtaking mountain landscapes.

Immersing themselves in Chandigarh, they witnessed Le Corbusier’s modernist vision at the Capitol Complex and High Court, sparking lively discussions on urban planning and geometric aesthetics.

In Amritsar, they experienced the synthesis of Mughal, Sikh, and colonial influences centered around the iconic Golden Temple, exploring how cultural context shapes architectural expression in this vibrant city.

This journey deepened their connection with the built environment, fostering a profound appreciation for architectural nuances.

Engaging in immersive sketching sessions, they captured intricate details and spatial experiences.

Interactions with local craftsmen and community members provided invaluable insights into materiality, craftsmanship, and the symbiotic relationship between architecture and culture.

Enriched with diverse perspectives and newfound inspiration, our educational journey underscores the pivotal role of experiential learning in shaping empathetic and contextually sensitive architects.


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