Sewage Treatment Plant Visit

Be a recycler, Be a saver
As a result of preceding Quote, Axis Colleges has organized a visit to Sewage Treatment Plant in Kanpur for Pharmacy Students as part of their curriculum.
The problem is identified as sewage makes its way untreated to ponds, lakes, and rivers leading to water pollution.In addition to polluting water streams, sewage discharges fuel hazardous algal blooms that endanger human health, suffocate coral reefs and release excess nutrients that wreak havoc on coastal ecosystems.
During the visit,the students discovered that the greatest answer to the aforementioned issue is sewage treatment.which reduces water contamination, learned the types (Primary, Secondary and tertiary) and stages of wastewater treatment which removes contaminants from sewage to produce effluent that is suitable for discharge to the surrounding environment or an intended reuse application and also the process of production of methane from the solid sludge of wastewater, preventing water pollution and maintaining good environmental health of public.
Axis constantly supports its students’ involvement in community service projects and efforts to educate scholars to do more good for the world.


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