The Reconstitution of Pharmakon Society

The Reconstitution of Pharmakon Society – AIP

Pharmakon society of Axis Colleges in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council celebrated a double triumph – ‘The Reconstitution of Pharmakon Society’ and the dazzling ‘Award Ceremony of PharmaTech Expo 2.0’, including recognition of Academic Excellence Awards to our stellar pharmacy students.

The reconstitution of Pharmakon Society heralds the dawn of a new era, where passionate minds converge to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing within the pharmaceutical community, solidifying our commitment to shaping the future of Pharmacy.

The PharmTech Expo 2.0 Award Ceremony was a mesmerizing event, celebrating the outstanding achievements of our stellar students. From cutting-edge advancements to academic brilliance, our winners stand as true pioneers in the field.

Prize distribution included:

1st Prize – Bag filter and separator working model.
2nd Prize – Sanitary Pads Vending Machine.
3rd Prize – Oil Extraction Mill Working Model.

The Academic Excellence Awards threw a spotlight on the dedication and hard work of our exceptional students, destined to lead in healthcare. From groundbreaking advancements to stellar academic performance, they embody excellence.

Axis Colleges consistently aims to embark on a future brimming with innovation and academic excellence!


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